"We offer unto you, our humble guest, an immersive Host/Hostess Club RP Setting. We have many PC Characters who carouse the mansion to attend to you, offering you food, drinks, engaging conversation and their undivided attention.

Whether you want to have some one-on-one time with a host away in the parlor or you want to get swept away in the show with the live entertainment, we have something for everyone. Should you find something to satisfy your .. appetites, you need only reach out and ask - I'll never let a customer leave unsatisfied!" ♥

  • Open Bar - Concessions are FREE - Please tip your Hosts/Hostesses!

  • Troupe Stage - Live Entertainment

  • Private Sessions - Private Stages and Rooms available for use

  • Be respectful and civil in chat.

  • Do not harass, stalk, or trouble any of the guests or workers.

  • You must be 18+ (IC/OOC). Attend at your own risk.

  • Keep any private sessions within /tell, /party, or private linkshell.

  • Hosts/Hostesses reserve the right to cancel or leave during a session if they feel disrespected.

The duties include carousing the house during the event to attend to guests, offering food, drinks, engaging conversation and attention.

We have many positions available such as
Receptionist, Dancer, Host/Hostess, and Bartender.

As this is a Host Club, and ERP is an extension of this, we ask that you be 18 or older to apply.

Food & Drink

We offer a wide variety of concessions that we serve at no cost to you, or the Guest.
(Food & Drink will be provided to you, to hand out prior to opening.)
We have an A la Carte menu as well, that you and the guests can reference at your convenience.

Payment & Hours

I do NOT pay my staff; however, the guests do tip -- very well.
What the staff makes in tips, is theirs to keep.

The staff is not bound to their position. They can switch roles at any time.
They're not contractually obligated to serve any sort of term. They decide their hours, all I need is notice in advance.

ERP Guidelines

ERP is a focus of ours.

Rates are determined individually, by each Host/Hostess and can vary based on experience and time respectively.

These rates are not garnished -- what you make, is yours to keep.

Consent is a very necessary and powerful element.

ERP is both empowered and endorsed, but it is by no means required.

You as a staff member, reserve the right to discontinue service and leave a private session at any time if you feel disrespected.